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  Brief About Sadana Brothers

Sadana Brothers Are In The Business Of Manufacturing Of embroided items for last many years.We Are Always Keen To Adapt Ourselves To New Designs And Techniques.So Always Proving Our Services To Be The Best One. You Can View Our Designs For Rumala's And Chandoa's. Our Website is Featuring A Few Of Our Best Designs. So Check Out For Rumala's And Wallpieces For Your House Please Check Out The Latest Designs In Rumala's , Chandoas , And Wall Pieces. You Can Even Order Us If You Wish To Buy Any Of The Designs.It Takes A Lot Of Hard Work Of Our Aspiring Artisits to Create Any Embroided Product..know more>>


 Sikh History


The first Sikh prophet, Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in 1469 and the 10th and last Sikh prophet, Guru Gobind Singh Ji went to his heavenly abode in 1708. This time period lasted for more than 239 long years. The Sikh religion progressed very well during this time, under the Guru's proper guidance. While Guru Nanak Dev Ji started the Sikh religion by preaching against the caste system, animal sacrifice, and fasting, Guru Gobind Singh Ji completed its form by requiring all Sikhs to get baptized. Many Sikhs, who were very close to Guru Sahib, wrote Rehatnamas based on his teachings, which are called the Sikh code of conduct. All the Gurus preached for service to humanity, sharing with the needy, and praising God. Guru Angad Dev Ji, the 2nd Guru, developed the Gurmukhi script of the Punjabi language...know more>>


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